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Recent works by Andrea Sinclair
Tacit Contemporary Art,  312 Johnston Street Abbotsford.
Closed April 3.

Andrea Sinclair Kick
Andrea Sinclair: Kick 2016. Gouache and synthetic polymer on paper 600mm X 450mm (approx.). ©Andrea Sinclair and Tacit Contemporary Art. All rights reserved.

THE POOL. Summer. When I was nine, Richard Hall was the luckiest kid around, because he lived only two streets away from the newest, most spectacular public pool in the district.


White Night 2016

Whitenight 15 lotus flowers 2
Floating lotus flowers, White Night Melbourne 2015

TIME to get excited – really excited! The fourth White Night returns to Melbourne on Saturday February 20, guaranteeing no sleep for anyone remotely interested in art and culture. Expanding like the universe, this year you’ll have over 75 exhibitions, venues and locations to choose from, all open from 7:00PM through to 7:00AM Sunday morning.

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