The Pinacoteca

THE PINACOTECA is a shed, a warehouse, a gallery and a plaza. It’s private and public, open and closed. Mostly though, it’s my way of developing my writing and communication skills through recording my thoughts, observations, ideas and musings on art and design, mostly in Melbourne where I live with my family. It’s not as ordered as perhaps it should be; nor does it focus on any one particular style, school or movement in art, art criticism or practice. The measures for success will be how well it and I communicate my passion for all things creative and whether it helps others to develop their artistic understanding, interests and passions, too.

John Rabling

I GRADUATED from art school with majors in Painting and Art History. Since then I’ve created, curated, spoken and written about art and art practice of all kinds, worked for the National Trust of Australia, the Meat Market Craft Centre and exhibited my work in solo exhibitions, group and invitation shows. I am married and live with my family in Melbourne, Australia.


2 replies on “About”

PS. Hi John … I forgot to also mention in my previous comment that I actually know you (well kind of – I knew you a while ago … back in my old DP days)!! Small world.

Gosh, isn’t it funny all the things you don’t get to talk to colleagues about, around the water cooler … because we only ever catch such tiny glimpses of who people are and what they’re into, beyond the 9 to 5 day !!!!

So yeah, I suppose that’s another reason to I look forward to reading your future posts 🙂


It is a small world. Delighted that you’ve found the blog and see something worthwhile in it. Comments such as yours motivate me to keep trying new ideas and approaches. Thanks for reading, now and in the future.


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